Parish newsletter for the Third Sunday of Easter

In this Sunday’s Gospel Jesus presents to the startled and terrified disciples four different proofs that he is truly risen from the dead and is now standing before their very eyes: he invites them to (1) look at him; (2) … Keep reading

Parish newsletter for the Second Sunday of Easter

Easter Time: The fifty days from the Sunday of the Resurrection to Pentecost Sunday are celebrated in joy and exultation as one feast day, indeed as one ‘great Sunday’. These are the days above all others in which the … Keep reading

Parish newsletter for Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord

Our faith in Jesus Christ who is risen from the dead, gives us the strength to be people of hope. He has won for all humanity the gift of new life in a new creation with a new and eternal … Keep reading

Parish newsletter for Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

The suffering and death of Jesus is the centrepiece of Mark’s Gospel. Hints of the passion are found already in chapters 1 and 2 (1:14; 2:7) and, by chapter 3, a plot against Jesus is being planned (3:6). Exactly half … Keep reading